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Webmaster's mail filter

What's a "killfile"?

It's basically a filter - a file containing sets of rules to allow/deny mail being accepted. For instance, if you've got a rule set up to filter out mail containing more than 50 lines, then any super-huge mails won't be downloaded into your mailbox... and that particular mail will be referred to as "killed" (some say "it's bounced off my killfile").

Why have them?

This domain (tombstones.org.uk) receives several unnecessary messages every day - the killfile is set up to filter out unwanted mail, but may also prevent genuine messages getting through.

What are the killrules, then?

Mail matching the following rules:
  • mail servers listed at relays.ordb.org, bl.spamcop.net, list.dnsbl.org, dnsbl.sorbs.net, sbl.spamhaus.org
  • make money/$/Viagra...etc
  • - in the subject field.
  • HTML mail
  • - if you want *me* to carry it, *you* can remove the heavy packaging first. Don't expect me to clear out HTML tags just to be able to read the message content. Note that I'm also receiving all kinds of worms from people stupid enough to use MicroShit's Outpuke Depress without updated antivirus software; most of these worms assume that my mail client will interpret HTML mail (which it won't), run worms (which it doesn't) and rifle through my Windows Address Book (which I don't have) - but that still doesn't stop me from receiving them!
Mail sent from the following domains:
  • *.kr, *.ru, *.tw, *.pt, *.ph
  • - all I've ever received from these domains is spam.
  • xoom.com, excite.com, webtv.net, deja.com, aol.com
  • - they seem to attract idiots.
  • rocketmail.com, metasearch.com, system.com, club-internet.fr, delphi.com
  • - received nothing but adverts.
  • digitalmarketingdirect.com, money.com, money.net, eudo.com
  • - source of "get rich quick" scams.
  • lloydstsb.com, lloydstsb.co.uk, barclays.co.uk, citibank.com
  • - I don't have any banking accounts with them, but still receive pfishing scams.