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1. I am...

... currently living in the countryside of North Yorkshire. I was born in 1976, which makes me older than some & not quite as old as others. I'm orginally from Liverpool, that fine place of ..... oh, hang on, I'll get there.... nope! Can't think of anything! [joking!] I moved away when I was 18 to go to university - and being the great person I am I did 5 years & failed! Don't let my mother hear you say that I'm a waste!

2. I got into MAME...

... when I started working - another person had downloaded MAME along with a couple of ROMs & spent most of his time playing it. I got into it and have been playing since, but its unfair just to stop at MAME, so I'm trying to build a collection containing every emulator.

Sounds sad? Well, yes, probably!

3. I love playing...

... the ol' Beat-Em-Ups, X-MEN Vs Street Fighter being a quality one, but I like the originals (Street Fighter 2) also.

Galaga88 is getting a fine pumping too. Now *that's* a game with hidden secrets!

4. I would like to say to Nicola and the MAME team...

You guys are da bomb! May your vodka jars be filled forever.
Machine specs: 1.4GHz (AMB T-Bird) | 768MB | 60GB + 60GB + 30GB H/D
Graphics: ATi Radeon (64DDR) | Sound: (not specified)
Controllers: (not specified)

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