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1. I am...

... 23, currently living near Cincinnati (Ohio), working as a software engineer. The picture to the right is me c1985-86 when I first found the joys of the arcade.

My first computer was a TI99/4A which I received around the same time as the taking of this photo. I spent many a night coding up BASIC programs and playing such greats as Burgertime, Defender, Carwars, Munchman (a Pac knock-off), TI Invaders (Space Invaders knock-off) and many others I can't remember.

Earliest memories of arcading were in local bowling alleys, where my folks played in tournaments. I fed many a quarter into Galaga, Pacmania, Golden Axe, Gauntlet and several others.

2. I got into MAME...

... around 2000. I forget how I discovered MAME, but assume I stumbled onto it looking for arcade games. I had been into NES/SNES emulation since '97 and through my obsession with it, I imagine someone enlightened me to wonders of the mame world.

After discovering MAME I devoted much of my time learning about it and came across AGM, where I lurked for quite a while.

Early 2002 I started collecting full ROM sets... and thus the addiction began.

3. I love playing...

Galaga - as my nick shows. This game ranks high on my "best of the best" list. I played this game endlessly as a kid and still haven't lost my liking of it.

Pacman - a game into which I chucked many a quarter as a kid, never getting past the 3rd maze. In recent years I've become decent at the game (but still not as good as I'd like to be), racking up on average 200,000 pts.

Pacmania - most people say this was the worst in the Pac bunch, but it brings back fond memories for me and is still a good game in my eyes.

Mario Bros - another oldie but goodie. My Dad brought back Mario Bros (Classic, not Super) for NES from a trip to the UK and I instantly took to it. Still a great game I play quite a bit.

4. I would like to say to Nicola and the MAME team...

... thanks for bringing back a bit of nostalgia from my youth. It's been said many times, but can't be said enough: thank you all for the amazing work you have done. It is through people like you that I continue to try to give back to the MAME community by sharing this great gift you have bestowed on the world.
Machine specs: 1800MHz (Intel P4) | 256MB (DDR) | 60GB H/D
Graphics: GeForce2 MX (32MB) | Sound: ASus Integrated
Controllers: USB Sidewinder

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