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1. I am...

... anticupid, and while I am probably not that well-known on alt.games.mame right at the moment, I am better-known in varying levels around different sites, mostly from when I was writing the Rumor Review at Emuviews before the whole emulation rumor scene died off.

I got the nickname "anticupid" while I was single a number of years back and was talking about being alone on Valentine's Day one year. Someone mentioned the idea of an anticupid and at the time I thought it sounded like an interesting name, so I started using it for a while and never really ran into anyone else using the name. Add in the fact that it is a pretty easy nick to remember and it sort of stuck with me.

I am also part of the 74 club, that being people born in 1974, meaning we would have been eight when Pacman came out, and hence among the first kids that were old enough to be hooked into the whole "video game thing" while we were still kids.

2. I got into MAME...

... when alt.games.mame showed up one day as a new newsgroup in my newsreader. I was curious what this "MAME" game was so I subscribed to the group for a little bit and have been hooked since.

That was about four years ago, and over that time I have seen many sites and emulators come and go in the scene but my love for the games remains the same.

3. I love playing...

Some of my favourite games are the Taito F3 puzzle games, (Puzzle Boobble Series, Cleopatra's Fortune and Puchicarat). Another one known to grab my attention as platformers with Bubble Bobble being the leader of that bunch.

4. I would like to say to Nicola and the MAME team...

... for all the hard and often thankless work you all put in. Arcade emulation would really be nowhere without you guys.

Just keep in mind that even though we don't always say thank-you we definitely appreciate everything you do.
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