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1. I am...

... remarkably unremarkable. Born February 1966 near Chicago, Illinois (The "S" is silent, people.:) ), USA where I continue to reside.

Was hooked on video games the instant I first played a Pong cocktail cab in the lounge of a local fitness center. Gradually, Death Race, Stunt Cycle, Gun Fight, Space Wars, etc. etc. all quickly consumed my ever more precious quarters. Then, one magical day, I saw a crowd of kids 3-4 deep in a local bowling alley all transfixed on this new game called Donkey Kong. BOOM! The grand era of arcade gaming began for me!

Life would never be the same!

2. I got into MAME...

... somewhere way back around version 0.36...

My interest quickly faded since I didn't find playing on the keyboard very rewarding. I must admit, though, that I was very happy to see the classics being re-born.

Then, around version 0.57, I found out about keyboard encoders and how you could connect authentic arcade controls to them to play the games as they were intended. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!

3. I love playing...

Bagman - Discovered via MAME!
Battle Zone - Anyone who doesn't like this one has to be a little "off" IMHO. :)
Blomby Car - Another one discovered via MAME. A great racing game!
Choplifter - Loads of my money went into this one in the mid to late-80s.
Death Race - Sadly, not in MAME, but such a great game it deserves mentioning.
Defender - OK, I suck at it, but what an awesome game!
Discs of Tron - That environmental cab was so cool! If I only had a custom spinner for it!
Donkey Kong - See remarks for "Battle Zone."
Donkey Kong Jr. - See previous.
Galaxian - Another classic. Don't know why, but I always prefered it to Galaga.
Gun Fight - Ah! The childhood memories!
Joust - Who wouldn't like a game with flying ostriches?
Lunar Lander - I grew up hearing about these things, so how could I not like a game about them?
Mappy - Ahh! Re-discovered via its #1 fan (Thanks SM!). Great game, but do I ever suck!
Metal Slug - Another one that MAME introduced me to. Lots of action here!
Moon Patrol - One of those games you can always have a go at.
Night Driver - Ah!!! The memories again! Classic early game!
Omega Race - I'd totally forgotten about this one! Used to play it all the time. Thanks MAME!
Pole Position 1 & 2 - Great games! Now I must build a cockpit cab as well!
Pong - OK, not in MAME, but it started it all!
Q*bert - I don't know what the designers were smoking, but they came up with a superb game here!
Sea Wolf - Another classic! You "young uns" don't know what you missed!
Space Wars - This game kept me broke! Every Weds night for a long stretch in 1981 a friend and I would play.
Speed Freak - Groundbreaking in it's day, IMHO. Another reason for the cockpit cab. Wish there was sound, though.
Spy Hunter - Consumed gazillions of my quarters back in the old days.
Stunt Cycle - OK, not in MAME, but here's hoping (And I know...discrete logic here).
Tempest - Another groundbreaking design! Great game but those darn spikes!
Tron - Loved the movie. Loved the game.

4. I would like to say to Nicola and the MAME team...

... what can you say? What would you say to the people who perfected photography and motion pictures? Or Thomas Edison for the phonograph? Or the folks who invented VCRs and camcorders?

You guys have found a way to allow the masses to store and play at will their favorite video games that otherwise would have been forever lost. That is a feat in and of itself... but to do it for free? Let me assure you all that your karma accounts are bigger than Bill Gates' bank account! Many, many thanks from a very grateful MAME fan!
Machine specs: 733MHz (Intel P-III) | 768MB (SD-RAM) | 40GB H/D
Graphics: NVidia GeForce 256 AGP | Sound: SoundBlaster Live!
Controllers: Gravis Eliminator Shock

Cabinet specs: 233MHz (Intel Pentium) | 128MB (RAM) | 1.2GB H/D
Graphics: Unknown! | Sound: Very old SoundBlaster
Controllers: 1 Happ Ultimate, and 7 buttons
(Hey! It plays the classics fine! I'm waiting for a 5-6 GHz proc before I upgrade.)

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