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1. I am...

Aged 21+ (earth years), currently living somewhere in England.

My handle "PRoToCoL" came from my years in the Amiga pirate scene, which is where the "annoying capitalization" came about. PROTOCOL looked like I was shouting and protocol looked "lame". Silly really but it's stuck.

I should say I'm ashamed of my past...... we had some real fun though ......but I stress I'm a totally reformed character now. The things you get up to when you are younger :-)

2. I got into MAME...

Although I had heard of emulators, I was really looking for a PC clone of Defender to run. I happened to find "Dave's" site and my interest in emulation hasn't stopped since that time! Mame and Mame32 are both incredible pieces of software and it's pretty amazing that we see such regular updates. Long may it continue.

Another favourite emulator of mine is Raine and I was particularly pleased to see it hasn't died a death even though Antiriad (its original author) has given up on it. Nice also to see work on a Windows port has started too.

3. I love playing...

Defender.......because it kicks ass! :-)
Gradius.........because it kicks ass!
Scramble, because I used to play it up the local Chinese takeaway.
Ridge Racer........played it to death whilst on holiday in Blackpool.

4. I would like to say to Nicola and the MAME team...

Mame rocks !!!!
Please keep up the good work.
My deepest thanks for producing such a fine piece of coding.
Thanks to all the Mame team...all contributions are appreciated.
Machine specs: 1900MHz (AMD Athlon) | 512MB (2100DDR) | 100GB H/D
Graphics: GeForce3 Ti500 with TV out (64MB) | Sound: Soundblaster Audigy
Controllers: Sidewinder 3D-Pro joystick

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