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1. I am...

... Chris Tricker, 36 years old, living on the sunny South Coast of the UK - Worthing to be exact. Local people call it "God's Waiting Room"!

My first computer was a ZX-81. From there I went onto the rubber-keyed Speccy 48, and then the 128+ with the in-built tape deck. THOSE were the days.... I never did manage to finish my favourite game (Twin Kingdom Valley: "You have been hit with a broadsword"). From there I went onto the Amiga 500, 1200 and 4000, and I vowed I would never leave the Amiga scene....... yeah, right! I spent Christmas Eve at a mate's house and he had just brought a Pentium 200; for the first time I HEARD the Internet as well as saw it! I was blown away; the Amiga had nothing like it..... and it's fair to say that until this point I had always said the Amiga could knock the socks off of ANY current PC :)

Arcade games were a totally different experience. I had terrible addiction problems to these things in my youth, and when the ZX-Spectrum came out my girlfriend at the time brought one for me in the hope that it would save money! It didn't, of course... Jet Set Willy was no match for a sit-in version of Outrun, and although Sinclair tried desperately to recreate some arcade games on the Speccy it never had the same feel and thrill. It lacked the noise too, the fruit machines and the pinballs, the sheer atmosphere - they all grabbed you, and many is the night I walked from Brighton because I missed the last train home!

My handle is [RWA]Lara. I love online gaming, and am currently in the Kingpin Clan [RWA] (who were top last year under my guidance, and who are going that way again this year!) Female models in Kingpin are smaller and harder to hit than male models, and I have the Lara Croft Skin for my model, which looks damn cool! So I'm really a 36yr old male who likes to run around pretending to be Lara Croft!

2. I got into MAME...

... about two years back or so. I was looking for Armour Attack which had not been reproduced at that time, but once a friend told me about MAME, I looked into it, got a few ROMs - and that was it! MAME recreates these games so perfectly when ROMs are dumped correctly, and when I play some of these games now I can still remember moves and important place locations after all this time.

3. I love playing...

Bank Panic - my absolute favourite game. If you have never played it, try it! Great fun! :)
Vanguard - my favourite pub game; harder on Mame to play but is still a faithful reproduction of a classic game and definitely worth a look - you either like it or don't.
Track 'n' Field - although I can't play it well, it is still an awesome game! It's cool to see I can still try my best!
Hypersports - as above, different events (I *love* the Skeet Shooting)
Hunchback! - another one of my all-time favourites, not long been released in MAME... glad it's here!
Phoenix - Another one I love.....
Bombjack - say no more :)
Elevator Action - because it's damned annoying!

4. I would like to say to Nicola and the MAME team...

THANK YOU!!! You will never know how much joy you have brought to this community! When I hear games loading up and see that they haven't changed - it all looks the same as it always did - then I know that the part of me that grew up in arcades will never die. Keep up the good work, Nicola - and, of course, the rest of the team!
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