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1. I am...

...Smoke Bogey, originally from Brooklyn (NY), now living on the Jersey Shore.

I was born in 1975, and my love of video games was born a mere 5 years later. Wizards of Wor is the earliest game I remember dumping money into, just to hear those scary voices, not to mention the joy of shooting the other guy instead of the monsters. As I grew older, fighting games consumed all spare monies I had, culminating with me blowing $50.00 (and over ten hours) on Killer Instinct the day it came out in my neighborhood.

When playing MAME, I get clear, vivid memories of dark game rooms filled with arcade machines, and the feelings of excitement over the latest game mixed with the ever present dread of some older kid stealing my quarter. Or hearing the infamous, "Lemme get a man. I know the pattern!" at which point I'd just walk away, knowing I'd never get the joystick back.

2. I got into MAME...

... as an outgrowth of Super Nintendo emulation. I only played one game on my SNES emulator: Killer Instinct. One day in early 2002, I decided to see what fighting games were available on another emulator I'd downloaded a couple of years back - some program called MAME. After updating and figuring out the simple interface, I was amazed to see all the classics from my youth emulated by one program.

3. I love playing...

... the 90ish fighting games currently in MAME, as well as:

Moon Patrol - one of my original faves, and a game that seemed almost impossible to beat when I was seven.

Karate Champ - The first game I was ever good at. You should see the face of a 22 year-old man when a nine-year old kid kicks his ass in straight points.

Trojan - a game that was so popular around my way, that to even approach the cab would draw people like ants at a picnic. Playing it now, I have no idea why. But I still like it.

4. I would like to say to Nicola and the MAME team...

... as a person who gleefully downloads any and every piece of software I can find (and I'm quite resourceful), I never thought I'd find a program I felt was actually worth paying for. I was wrong.

Nicola, you and your team are magnificent. If I wished y'all even an eighth of the pleasure I've received playing mame, the endorphin rush might drop you all unconscious and drooling. Seriously, thank you for giving me back my youth, and memories of a simpler, happier time in my life.
Machine specs: 800MHz (Intel P-III) | 384MB (SD-RAM) | 136GB total H/D
Graphics: ATI All-in-Wonder128 TV Tuner (32MB PCI) | Sound: Ensoniq AudioPCI
Controllers: Two 12-button 2-axis Thrustmaster gamepads

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