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1. I am...

... Rockwaldo - a nick that I chose when it was decided that my real name "Rocky" wasn't silly enough. I'm aged (very) late 20s, but have the drinking habits of a 50 year old Irishman.

I try to swear only slightly less than Rossi, and am always jealous of the inviting-looking pints in the foreground of Dee's picture.....

2. I got into MAME...

... when trying to explain the classic arcade games of my youth to the various heathens around me, and after firing up DavesClassics was greeted with a "new" emulator that can play these very games. I remember thinking how amazing it was that a single emulator could play about half a dozen games! I think the amount of games is slightly higher than that now...

3. I love playing...

... games from the period of my childhood when I lived on arcade games (80s mostly). Despite views to the contrary, being in the arcades everyday actually kept me on the straight and narrow as a lad, and I feel I owe the arcade industry my sanity.

My favourites games tend to be the ones I'm good at, so the list isn't very impressive:

Track and Field: as a genuine tapper, I celebrated the addition of the button guards, which stopped the cheating coin-holding cowsons from cheapening the game.....and I ruled all.

Hyper Sports: same as above, but less tappy. Still ruled. This and its prequel are the ultimate party game.

Karate Champ: no bugger could understand the two joystick control method, so when I finally mastered it, much fun was abound. I even punched the bull a few times as well!

Almost every shooter made: they all have a certain charm - from the simplicity of 1942, to the impossibility of the later levels in R-Type.

4. I would like to say to Nicola and the MAME team...

... I shall be concise. If I had achieved what you have managed, I would die now a happy man. As it is, I will live on a happy man, and MAME is a vital ingredient in that process.
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