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07-02-2006:Been a long time overdue for updates... ROM collecting's becoming a full-time hobby! Recently been giving the guys over at Pleasuredome a hand out here and there. Also added in a java-based chatroom client for quick and easy connection to #tombstones.
01-12-2005:Now that Christmas is almost upon us, I've got some time to start working on building a new server. It's been a long time coming, but Kryten is migrating from RedHat8 to FedoraCore4.
01-08-2005:wow - no updates for a while! Damnation... been working on several other projects (many of which aren't MAME-related) and playing too many games (very MAME-related!). In the meantime been converting the site to XHTML and tidying up some code, plus adding a new profile: Hellmark.
11-04-2005:All new accounts are now active on the new server - and things seem to be running fine. In the meantime, thanks to Cockney_Geezer for the new banner!
April-2005:The new server (MORNINGSTAR) is up and active, running a lot faster, and comes with some funky nice features, such as Ensim PowerTools and SpamAssassin (although the mail relay filter bounces a lot of it before it hits the upstream server). Most domains have been migrated off PHOENIX - including Tombstones... fairly smoothly!
March-2005:After about a month of testing, it seems that the new server isn't up to scratch - nor as upgradable as we first thought. Plans to migrate to that machine have been put on hold, but it looks like another server has been secured elsewhere. PostFix mail relay now using RBL blocks plus some content filtering.
Feb-2005:Things have progressed somewhat quickly... curses for not updating the news section! The new server (QUICKSILVER) was ordered and prepped back in February; quite a low-spec machine but cheap with the potential for upgrading in the future so we tried it out. In the meantime, got the PostFix relay working for a test domain - applying it to Tombstones now. Kicking!
Late Jan 2005:Getting a tad pissed off with the volume of spam hitting Tombstones, so have been experimenting with a mail relay to filter and block spam before it hits the main server (since Yours Truly now has broadband at home). Semi-successful, more news to come.
18-01-2005:Updated RedSpawn2K2's profile, plus did the odd maintanence here and there. New server's ordered, getting prepped... watch this space.
15-01-2005:Happy New Year and all that! Latest news is that Tombstones is moving again... but so are all the other domains. The server is starting to creak under the workload and has issues with a quota bug, so we've recently looked at migrating to a new server.
01-09-2004:Damnation! Thanks to all those that have sent in profiles... guilt has forced me into getting something updated. So, amended Doc's profile plus added new ones: Daeymian, MisterWhite and AntiFreak Machine. Hello, chaps!
07-07-2004:Well, Tombstones has had to move home again! Been meaning to update some profiles, but in the meantime I've worked on new code. Been too busy for anything else, really....
22-02-2004:Loooong overdue for an update! Been turning the site into XHTML as well as experimenting with a new stylesheet. Like it? Oh, sod yer, then!
26-12-2003:I can't believe it's been so long since any updates have been done! There have been two more geekmeets, one in Brighton (UK) and another in New Hampshire (USA). Loads of photos for both, but no report as yet - now that Christmas is here, perhaps I'll have a bit more time to get that sorted. In the meantime, added Rutger and MAMESpade - welcome, fellahs!
20-12-2003:Tombstones is going to be moving servers soon; all account holders have been notified, but in case the mail didn't come through for any reason, drop the postmaster a line.
17-08-2003:Latest updates: added Freeforall9 and Analog-X profiles, updated some others and also made some image changes. See if you can spot them!
06-07-2003:Dammit! WELL overdue for an update. About time I pulled my finger out and added Subzero and Galaga to the profile, not to mention one or two image changes. Part of the reason I've been busy is due to helping to bring a new server online - more details to follow soon.
06-04-2003:Well, it's been a while since any updates, but that's due to a recent increase in workload. Anyway, new stuff includes: DVD guide plus WinRAR tutorial. Also added Sairuk's profile.
17-03-2003:Some of us attended a meetup at the Retrovision bash in Oxford. More images can be seen here, but expect graphic-intensive pages!
22-02-2003:Added a few more profiles, and some of the hosted areas are not active. Check out John's Cab section and the Loonybin.
14-02-2003:OK... after a load of changes, involving bouncing the domain around several hosting companies, we've finally come home.
12-03-2003:Tombstones opens its first remote office!
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