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1. I am...

... living in the North East of England and have been a regular of the newsgroup for about 3 years, since the early days of MAME. I may not contribute as much as some, but most will recognise me!

The handle come about when playing Subuteo (table football - "football" as in "proper football", not the American version...LOL!) in my student days when after a great save my mate commented 'That was like Billy the Fish' (a character from "Viz", the adult humour UK comic) to which I replied, "mmmmm, fish I like.. TROUT!" Sad, eh?

2. I got into MAME...

... by accident, when my ISP (Lineone) had a 'Play all your old favourites' link off their games section. So I had a look, and as it was probably about my first ever download (2Mb - it included MAME and the roms...naughty!) it seemed to take forever to download, and even longer to get it working!

3. I love playing...

I was initially interested (as per usual) in playing my faves from the middle 80's: Pacman, Moon Cresta, Hyper Sports. Now I tend to play games in MAME and just get addicted to stuff that really I had never heard of, love golf/sports games for some reason...... weird.

I also have started to collect roms and emus for loads of systems. I guess I have been interested in computer games since the Speccy, when I told my dad it was needed to help with my school work and yet all I did was play games on it. 'Ultimate' games were my favourite, and since then I have had consoles and computers for various systems and have been hooked to video games ever since.

4. I would like to say to Nicola and the MAME team...

...well... err... keep it going! You have made a lot of people very happy, and sometimes frustrated (how *do* you do the pole vault in Hyper Sports?) and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts. I just wish all the 'legal' crap over roms would go away. No-one is being harmed here, and lots of people are enjoying themselves.

Machine specs: 1900MHz (AMD) | 512MB (DDR) | 80GB H/D
Graphics: GeForce2 Ti (64MB) | Sound: SoundBlaster Live 5.1
Controllers: (not specified)

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