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1. I am...

... a 28 year-old arcade fanatic. I have been a die-hard gamer since a toddler, when my parents bought Pong. Atari, Colecovision, Intellivision, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, etc. all followed over the years and still do today. I even went out and bought my very own NEO-GEO arcade cabinet.

Hey, I'm single! I might as well enjoy buying without regret.. for now.

2. I got into MAME...

... around v.0.15. I was playing PC clones (JRok, CHAMP) as well as the now defunct MageX. I noticed MAME and its additions, so I switched over, and been hooked from then on.

I kept silent in the MAME community until a couple of years ago. Some would tell you that they wished I had remained so.. hehe!

I also enjoy Nebula Model 2, PinMAME, RAINE and ZiNc.

3. I love playing...

Donkey Kong Jr. - One of the first games I ever got into. Lots of lunch money was lost to it for an entertaining cause.
Fantasia - I am KIDDING! Did play it in a pool hall once.. got scary when the crowd formed.
Galaga - Best early arcade shooter of all time.
King of Fighters Series - NEOFan..'nuff said.
Mortal Kombat II - The best the series ever was in my opinion.
Robotron 2084 - A genuine article of retrogaming perfection.
Time Pilot - Another love lost and found again.
Tron - Great movie! Great game!
Street Fighter Series - My brother and I have an ongoing rivalry with this game over many years. I have also won tournaments in this series, so I do enjoy the winning, er, I mean the friendly competition.

There's many more games to add here, but it would take weeks to do the entire list properly.

4. I would like to say to Nicola, ]Haze[ and everyone in MAMEDEV...

... you folks are performing a service that is beyond words that can do justice.

All of you have done and continue to do this world a great gift to the retrogamers. Do not stop; do not give up; keep the good games flowing.. even the bad ones. I know, you have to be fair!
Anyway, my appreciation is absolute and sincere. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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