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DVD formats, uncovered

What is DVD+R?

Rumours that +R supposedly has better compatability is actually a myth that is being spread by a small faction of manufacturers trying to sway the masses into their court instead of the -R format.

No, I'm not making this up. I spend a lot of time on DVD work, and had to actually research this compatability issue.

The +R standard is now more prominently featured as being supported on the newer home players because that is the way the industry wants to go. Why? Because it is a cheaper media to mass produce and can be sold for a higher profit margin then the -R media.

Those +R supported players also will support -R media as long as it is created to the -R standards. That is the trick - meeting the strict standards of the -R camp.

The most compelling reason to go with the -R format is in fact larger compatability. It was the first public standard, and is the closest thing to both a CD-R and a pressed DVD.

The +R's wobbled groove requires a special adaption to the hardware and firmware to be able to read it. Since the -R is recorded in a constant physical groove (like a CD-R and a pressed CD) almost ANY DVD player can read it so long as the laser and pickup are strong enough and sensitive enough to translate the burns into pits and lands. I am not pulling your leg here - there is an actual site that lists the compatability testing of hundreds of players out there, and there are far more listed as being capable of reading -R than +R (and very few of the bargain brands or models 2 yrs or older will read +R reliably, unless very specific paramaters concerning source format, software, and media brand are met).

The only issue that consistently pops up with -R (incidetally it goes for +R also) is concerning the use of Sonic MyDVD products. The answer is to use different software like Ulead or SpruceUp/Primo(RecordNowMax).

Personally, I will stick with my Pioneer A105 4x drive!

Romulous, Feb 2003

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