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1. How can I appear on this site?

This site was originally set up to show some of the regulars posting in the alt.games.mame newsgroup, and has provided a valuable insight into the backgrounds and personalities of the newsgroup players & posters.

If you've never heard of the newsgroup, you'd better head off there pretty sharpish and make yourself known a bit before returning here. They're quite nice people, and don't bite... apart from PRoToCoL, if you're a spammer; and Homer, if you're a fuckwit. But if you're neither and genuinely like MAME - with the enjoyment that classic arcade gaming brings - then pop over for a bit.

But if you've done that - lurked, posted questions (even posted answers, too) and generally got to be known favourably in the newsgroup - then it's about time you joined the ranks of the great joystick-wagglers and button-pounders.

And onto the next level.... simply mail the webmaster (address below) with a few details about yourself, and a mugshot (preferably your own, but any will do if you're shy).

Note that the webmaster has a killfile set up to filter out certain mails - check to see if your mail will get through!

2. So, what details do you need?

Take a look back at the sections that others have already filled in. Basically, this is supposedly something more than a simple "Hi i am billy nomates and I love gamez" gallery, so it'd be nice to provide some details about yourself and what your MAME interests are, how you first discovered MAME... also note that other contact details can be included here: your ICQ number, e-mail address, link to your homepage etc.

3. And you love playing...

.. games, dolt! That's why you're here, isn't it? *sigh*. But what sort of games? Hmmm? A perchance for platform games? A feeling for fighting games? What titles do you enjoy playing, and why? There are many games out there that people have dismissed after a few plays without progressing to the *really interesting* bits. Recommendations, please!

4. And Nicola and the MAME team...?

Let's face it, Nic and the MAME developers have brought joy and nostalgic pleasure to many through the MAME project, and they've asked for very little in return. Many people don't feel that they get many thanks for their efforts: if you've got a message of gratitude for those canny creators, shout it out here!
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